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O ye who believe! Do not squander one another’s wealth in vanities, but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good will..

Quran: Chapter 4 Vs 29

Proposal Details

Title Need Invesment For Building 2 Styled Villas In The Netherlands.
Location Europe
Country Netherlands
Sector / Industry Construction
Investment required $500,000 - 1,000,000
Investor role Advice & Support
Business stage Running Business (over 1 year)
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Has it always been your dream to live in the center of the randstad and at the same time expercience the feeling of living in the country?
Near the city of The Hague and at the same time enjoying the quiet and green and near the coast of Kijkduin? Vroondaal gives you the best of both worlds! To realize this real-estate we need an investor. We believe that when the Villa's are build Expats will be interested for buying the villa's if we sell the 2 villa's we can develop 4 other villa's.


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