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Islamic Quote

O ye who believe! Do not squander one another’s wealth in vanities, but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good will..

Quran: Chapter 4 Vs 29

Proposal Details

Title Convert Sister Pre Marriage Consultancy
Location Middle East
Country Egypt
Sector / Industry Teaching
Investment required $50,000 - 100,000
Investor role Advice & Support
Business stage New Business
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This service would let the convert sister and her to-be Egyptian husband to:
-attend pre marriage lessons in order to understand their mutual rights and obligations
- let her understand the mentality of the people
- let them both answesr most important questions related to marriage in Islam before taking a big step
- let the convert sister to find her wali and let her speak to an imam who could advice her if the men she chose is pious men ready for marriage


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